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Lecture 1

Production Model

The built environment is built, produced. We therefore need a way to look at its production, perhaps generally first, the model of production. Production must consist of six elements INTENTION, ACT, PRODUCT, ACTOR, RULE and SITE.

Assuming that WE are the ACTOR,

to have an INTENTION, we must first know or have knowledge. We therefore need to look at the production of knowledge. Knowledge is a product of the act to know, which must involve the listening, seeing and differentiating. The rule is simply, what is right is right, what is wrong is wrong. Determining what is right or wrong depends on us (ACTOR) and the "authority" (also actor, normally unseen although it may be obvious) which legitimises what we determine. The legitimating "authority" is the source of ism which underlies our intention.

It is only with an intention that an actor can take an action (even if the action is by not doing anything), act on an order, a charge (something which still needs to be explained). ACT (from to act) is a verb which involves doing. Acts in the built environment involve perceiving, designing, negotiating, modelling, constructing, finishing, inhabiting, using, spoiling, demilishing, recycling etc. Acts are normally recorded in journals and can be seen from any form of transaction or communication documents.

All acts are governed by RULE, the most natural but not quite visible rules are gravity, friction and such like. Also unseen are cultural rules derived from customs, practices, habits. Most rules that we see are written down as law, by-law, canon, act, enactment, regulation, etc. These rules determine what is right and what is wrong to do (act on).

The PRODUCT is our built-environment located on the SITE, wherever it is on our planet earth.


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