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USM Bamboo Interest Group (BIG)


Akan disenaraikan di sini penyelidikan dari Malaysia (tak semestinya oleh Rumpun Buluh) dan di mana2 untuk menjana idea tentang apa yang perlu. Listed and highlighted here shall be  researches done in Malaysia and elsewhere to give us an idea of what needs doing.
Guillermo Gonzales, Plybamboo - sheets as a construction material for housing, PhD Thesis,1998, TU Eindhoven (English, in progress). research/Bamboo/Guillermo.htm
Guzman Chavez, David Javier; Morel, Claude (dir.) Evaluation of bamboo for building elements satisfying housing criteria, Ph.D. Thesis. Lausanne: EPFL, 2007 [examination].
INBAR publications. Collection of research publications of the organization INBAR. publication/publicat.asp?ordercode=tr
Jules Janssen, Dr: worked at the Technical University of Eindhoven, extensively dealt with the theme "Building with bamboo. He has also written a book on the topic: "Building with Bamboo" Bamboo and its research projects with lots of information about building with bamboo at the Technical University of Eindhoven.
Maksum Gonzalez. Bamboo Homepage. Site is dedicated mainly to architecture, housing and construction with bamboo. Not ready... RainForest/4171/Index.htm

Mardjono Fitri. Expert System for Bamboo Structures. PhD thesis of 1998 (Eindhoven University of Technology, English, in progress). Bamboo Knowledge Based Building Design Decision Support System. research/Bamboo/Fitri.htm

Razak Wahab, Janshah Moktar And Izan Khalid &Hashim W Samsi. "Alteration On Physical And Mechanical Properties Of Bambusa vulgaris From Sabah Forest Through Heat Treatment Process."
Tita Larasati,  Bamboo Design Research. PhD Thesis,1999, (English).
University of Bremen. Brief Notes on the investigation of the statics of the ZERI pavilions from the Institute of Experimental Statics of the university. Frame.asp?SeitenID=2080#Hochschule Bremen  Bremen.



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