DPA; LL.B ( Hons ); Dip. M. Mgmt.; M. Sc.( Prjt. Mgmt.);

AMIM; Advocate & Solicitor; MMAP.


A.      Keperluan-Keperluan Di Bawah Format Seragam Kontrak Kerja


        Borang JKR 203


            Fasal 16        -            Pengambilan kerja pekerja-pekerja

·        Warganegara

·        Bukan Warganegara

·        Pekerja Mahir

·        Pekerja Tempatan

·         (termasuk oleh subkontraktor)


            Fasal 17        -            Pematuhan Akta Pekerjaan 1955 dll.


            Fasal 18        -            Hari dan waktu kerja


            Fasal 20        -            Buku Gaji dan Lembaran Catatan Masa Kerja


            Fasal 21 - Liabiliti Kontraktor/Subkontraktor atas kemungkinan membayar gaji pekerja dll.


            Fasal 22        -            Pemecatan pekerja


        Borang PAM


            Fasal 8.3       -            Pembuangan pekerja








B.      Keperluan-Keperluan Statutori

      (Secara Tersirat )


            Pemakaian Akta-Akta dan lain-lain undang-undang bertulis










“An Act to provide for the control of factories with respect to matters relating to the safety, health and welfare of persons therein....”


Section 2 (1)


            “factory”..... includes the following premises in which persons are employed in manual labour.....


(x) any premises, place or space where any building operation or works of engineering construction are carried out.


Section 3


            “building operation” means the construction, structural alteration, repair or maintenance of a building (including re-pointing, re-decoration and external cleaning of the structure), the demoliton of a building, and the preparation for and the laying of the foundation of an intended building, but does not include any operation which is the work of engineering construction within the meaning of this Act;


            “premises” includes any building, or floating structure.












Factories And Machinery (Safety, Health and Welfare) Regulations 1970.



Regulation 3


            Factory not to be used as family dwelling


Regulation 7


            Provide clear and unabstructed spare


Regulation 26


            Air cleanliness from fume or dust


Regulation 32


            Provide safety helmets to every person exposed to falling or flying objects and blows on the head


            Provide suitable goggles or effective screen during the process of


            (i)   dry grinding of metals or articles, by a revolving wheel or disc drive by mechanical power


            (ii)   welding or cutting of metals by means of electrical, oxyacetylene


(iii)             or similar process using hand tools or portable tools in:


                     - fettling of metal castings involving the removal of metal

                     - cutting out or cutting off of cold rivets or bolts from boilers

                     - breaking or dressing of stone, concrete or slag


            Provide ear-plugs and screens for person working in intensive prolonged noise, esposed to sparks, molten metal particles.


            Provide protecting clothing to person exposing to corrosive or hamful substances.


            Provide gloves to person employed in processes involving handling of sharpedged, abrasive objects, corrosive harmful substances, hot metals or toxic irritating or infetious substances (but no glove to persons operating drills, punch presses or machinery which hard may be caught in moving parts).


Regulation 33


            Provide dressing room and rest room for women.


Regulations 34 & 35


            Provide safe, clean and wholesome drinking water.