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Building Surveying is not a new profession but it is practiced in a number of developed countries worldwide. A professional building surveyor plays vital roles and responsibilities in the built environment. He or she should accomplish different types of inspection for a particular reason. Building survey is also a thorough inspection of ‘health check’ for buildings and involves the preparation of a detailed report that is designed to address the specific needs and interests of the client.

The principle aim of the Building Surveying course is to educate and nurture the student’s intellectual personality through analytical study of the environment, the construction of buildings and their management and in the process, to produce graduates suitably prepared for a professional career ultimately as Chartered Building Surveyors.

Students can expect to develop kills such as problem solving, communication and team working. Students will be exposed to knowledge underpinning design, construction and performance of a facility, familiarity with design, construction, commissioning, operational and maintenance phases of construction works, awareness of other disciplines and expertise involved in design and construction process.



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