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BASIC PRINCIPLES  OF  CONSERVATION (Heritage Society of British Columbia)

    compiled by Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Ghafar Ahmad



Basic principles:

i.               All heritage conservation work, whether it be of a building, monument or site should be based upon and preceded by sufficient historical research, site analysis and documentation to identify and safeguard fully the heritage values to be conserved.

ii.                 The evolution of the structure(s) and the site should be respected. The contributions of all periods are important to the historical development and merit retention. Decisions about appropriate levels of intervention shall be based upon the heritage values of each contribution.

iii.                  Long-term protection of the historic resource should be balanced with user requirements and future resource management goals should be identified prior to undertaking any work.

iv.                 The approach to all heritage conservation projects should be one of minimal intervention to ensure the maximum preservation of the existing and authentic physical fabric and retention of the signs of age.

v.                 Conjecture and the falsification of building elements should be avoided in all heritage conservation projects.

vi.                 A well-defined maintenance plan should be clearly established in order to prepare for appropriate level of maintenance and care upon completion.