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Evaluation reviews of literature, definitive articles on methodology and procedures, quantitative and qualitative approaches to theory and empirical articles reporting original research are considered for publication. New techniques, methods, aspects of practical implementation, and industrial or technical approaches are also suitable for the Journal.

All contributions will be read by at least 3 referees to ensure material originality, accuracy and relevance. Contributions are subject to editorial amendment to suit house styles. The Journal does not a

ISSN: 1823-6499
e-ISSN: 1985-8329

ccept contributions that have been published elsewhere or submitted elsewhere for review.

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the following style rules. Deviation from these rules will cause publication delays.


1. For reviewing purposes manuscripts not exceeding 5000 words should be In English, typed in double spacing on one side A-4 size paper only, leaving ample margins and submitted to:

Editor-in-chief, Journal of Construction in Developing Countries
c/o School of Housing, Building and Planning
Universiti Sains Malaysia
USM, Penang, Malaysia

or   Email to : 

2. Manuscripts can be submitted in digital form as an email attachment. The manuscript must be written in MSWord and free from any virus. Any submission that is virus-infected will be rejected outright.

3. Do not bind or staple the manuscript. The text should not be right-justified, and letter quality print should be used. The hardcopies should be accompanied with a file saved in CD.

4. The first paper of the manuscript should include the title, full name(s) of the author(s), affiliation and a short running title. The title of the paper should be concise and indicate clearly the nature of the contribution.

5. The second page should include an abstract not exceeding 150 words outlining the purpose, scope and conclusions of the paper, and a maximum of 5 selected keywords.

6. Tables should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals, typed and double-spacing on a separate sheet of paper and should include a brief explanatory heading.

7. Figures should be about twice the desired size for printing and suitable for reproduction. Lettering on drawings should be professional quality and must be large enough to withstand appropriate reduction for publication. A separate sheet should be used for each figure. Originals of figures and photographs may be requested following acceptance of papers for publication.

8. The appropriate location for each table or figure in the text should be indicated in the margin.

9. The Journal adopts the Harvard referencing system. References in the text should include surnames of author followed by (year of publication). References arranged in alphabetical order should be given at the end of the paper. Where more than one publication by the author in one year is referred, the year should be followed by a suffix a, b or c, etc. The same suffix should be quoted in the reference list. Journal references should give the authorís surname followed by initials. (publication year). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume number and (part number), and the numbers of the first to the last pages. Book citations
should give the surname(s) of the author(s), Initials, (year of publication). Title of contribution. Followed by In: Initials. Surname of author or editor of publication followed by (Ed). Or (Eds). Title of Book. Place of publication: Publisher, page numbers of contribution.

Please note the following examples:

Luddin, R. A. and Midler, C. (1998). Projects as Arenas for Renewal and Learning
. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Mead, S. P. (1997). Project-specific intranets for construction teams. Project
   Management Journal
, 28 (3): 44-51.

Malpezzi, S. (2002). Hedonic Pricing Models: A Selective and Applied Review. In
   T. OíSullivan and K. Gibb (eds.) Housing Economics and Public Policy Essays in
   Honour of Duncan Maclennan, 67-85, London: Blackwell.

Chan, J. K., Tam, C. M., Chung, R. K (2005). Engineering, Construction and
   Architectural Management [online]. 12(2). Available from: fulltext/
   document109.pdf/[Accessed 20 February 2005].

10. The use of footnotes should be avoided wherever possible. Unpublished material or personal communications may be mentioned in text, but should not be included in the reference list.

11. Once accepted for publication, the publisher assumes that copyright has been transferred over by the authors.

12. For further information on journals published by Universiti Sains Malaysia Press, please visit our website at or e-mail to:

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