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REL 370

REG 532

REG 368

REG 363

RES 303

REG 265  

RBS 204

SEMESTER 2 2019/2020

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 REL 370

Building Technology Studies (Final Year Project)









Dr Azree will be in charge of the FYP this year. Pls follow his instruction.


Data analysis and presentation guide


Format/template for your FYP report


REFERENCEs Harvard Format



REG 532

Construction Geotechnology



Handout Week 3: Earth pressure and Earth Retention Systems


                Example RSW Design


Handout Week 1: Soil Compaction in Earthworks


Handout Week 2: Consolidation and settlement and its effect on constructed facilities


Handout: Soil strength and slope stability


Handout Week 4: SI- Sampling, Lab and Field Investigations


Handout Week 5: Geosynthetic, geosystems and geomaterial


READING and DISCUSSION Week 1: Soil Compaction

READING and DISCUSSION Week 2: Soft Ground Geotech

READING MATERIAL Week 3: Earth Retention



Road and Transportation



SEM 1 2018/19 – Dr Hilmy will deliver lectures during the first half of the semester. I will take over in the second half.


PW will be given in class.





Handout: Road Construction Materials


Handout: Earthwork in Road Construction


Handout: Slope and Soil Stabilization for Roadworks


Handout: Testing and Instrumentations in road construction


Handout: Drainage and Hydraulic Structures


Handout: Road Contract Administration






Site Investigation


SEM 1 2018/9


Class location is at (BT 151 TUE 2 PM). First meeting on September 18.


Pls fill up this  Class membership form


PW will be given in class.


Handout: SI Needs Notes Week 1 and 2  


Handout: Soil Definition and Properties   


Handout: Geotechnical instrumentation


Handout: SI data and Its Applications



Building Technology Studio





SEM 1 2018/19


First Studio meeting will be on Friday (Sep 14). Bring engr/arch scale and your Laptop


Please fill up Sep 2018 RES303 Members Profile form ASAP and submit.


Check out your project details below:





Here is your Sep 2018 Studio Schedule (to be updated)



Reference: CH1 of Building Construction and Technology Manual


Reference: Area Calculation


Reference: Cut and Fill boundary determination


Reference: Volume computation



REG 265

Infrastructure Technology


My part of the lectures will be on civil infrastructures for land development. I will join the class in the second half of the semester.



Building Surveying Studio




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