Advantages of Foamed Concrete Blocks Walls

  1. Foamed Concrete (FC) blocks are lightweight and  can be easily produced according to different densities wherever it  is needed  ( factory or on- site ) therefore saving in transportation cost. Is a cement based product and compatible with jointing mortar / plastering other parts of the concrete structure.
  2. Due to its cellular structure, FC blocks has good thermal insulation and high fire resistance. Buildings with FC blocks are much cooler compared to normal bricks.
  3. FC blocks also has a lower water absorbtion compared to other types of lightweight blocks , uses less plaster and can be used for external and internal walls
  4.  Sound insulation and absorbtion is better than some very ligthweight materials especially if the are used as internal walls / partitions. With good design it can be used to absorb sound .
  5. FC blocks are light and with bigger sizes so that construction and building rates are much faster. It is also more rigid and robust compared to other types of  lightweight construction and suitable for high rise buildings.
  6. Less plastering and jointing mortar is used during construction ( since blocks are smoother & bigger than normal bricks ) providing a smoother wall finish at reasonable cost.

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