(Portable Foaming Generator)

One of the most important ingredient required to produce foamed concrete is the aqueous stable foam.

The foaming generator acts as a medium which transforms the liquid chemical into stable foam. Foaming generators comes in many sizes depending on the ability to hold and transform liquid chemical into foam.

As an example , one would need about 500 liters of foam to make 1cubic meter of foamed concrete @ about 1100 kg/m3 density.  

In order to make 500 liters foam , one has to dilute say 1 liter of chemical foaming agent in 34 liters of water and subsequently transform this 35 liters of premix solution into 500 liters of foam using the generator. 

As you can see, the expansion rate is 14 times (500/35). We can increase this expansion rate by introducing more air but this will degrade the quality of the foam. Therefore the capacity of a foaming generator will depend very much on its ability to hold and pump out maximum amount of foam.

The typical foam generator runs from an air compressor and consists of a holding (filler) tank, foaming unit and a lance unit. The purpose of the holding tank is to hold the diluted foaming agent and subsequently deliver it through a foaming unit and lance. It is normally in a the form of a pressurized tank and needs to be closed tight for operation. The volume of  foam obtained from such a system depends very much on the size of these tanks. For large volumes it is impractical to use the tank system since it is bulky to carry about. Large capacity holding tanks are heavy and cumbersome for smaller scale on site production. They are also attached to the foaming unit and lance in such a way that it would be virtually impossible to detach it for future modification. 

Some foaming generators do not use a pressurized holding tank and makes use of a pneumatic or electric driven system to produce the stable foam. These generators are more versatile and are able to produce foam continuously. The are better suited to medium to large production of foamed concrete.

In line with this, we have developed a compact version of the foaming generator with an MSD Unit to cater for small to medium scale for factory or on-site production  of foamed concrete. These foam generators are perform well since they rely on mechanical means to deliver the chemicals and are suitable for pilot plant scale production, researchers and self - help house building.

The portable foaming generator (or Portafoam ) comes in various models ( PM2, PM3) and have the capacity to produce about 100 to 600 liters of foam in one minute. They can also be used with a pneumatic delivery unit which precludes the use of pressure tanks.

It has specially designed chambers for producing the maximum and efficient output of foam. In addition some of the models have controls for modifying the density of foam and also expansion ratios.

Portafoam comes in three models ie. Model TM-2, Model PM2 and Portafoam Model PM-3. Model TM-2 has the lowest output of about 200 lit/min. Model PM-2 has output of 240 lit/min and Model PM-3 with 500 lit/min. Model PM-2 is for larger scale (up to 0.75 cubic meter / mix) continous foam production coupled with auto-timer device. All new Portafoam models are attached to a mechanical delivery unit (MSD  unit) which precludes the use of holding tanks.

However we do provide an optional coupling on Portafoam where the use of pressure tanks can be made.  This makes the Portafoam unit very unique in the sense that it can handle both tanks and MSD when required. Model TM-2 is suitable for mixing volumes of less than 0.3 cubic meter / mix and is suitable for beginners, DIY builders and some researchers.

It must be pointed however that Portafoam have been tested with Noraite  PA-1 and Noraite SA-1 (foaming agents) and are compatible with the above mentioned chemicals, conforming closely to the data explained.


       PORTAFOAM Model PM-2 -    Construction of Corporate Headquaters of UEM Group K. Lumpur

Portafoam PM-2 now has been upgraged  below



More pictures of Portafoam

PORTAFOAM wins award at I.TEX 2002


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