The Bachelor of Architecture programme requires:


i.   One year full-time studies upon completion of BSc HBP (Architecture) (4 years programme)


ii.  Two year full-time studies upon completion of BSc HBP(Architecture) (3 years programme).

The School also receives candidates from other recognised higher educational         institutions (local and abroad) in architecture. The selection is based on a case-by-case basis. This programme has been given a Part II recognition by the Board of Architects’ Malaysia.



To produce graduates of high calibre with specialisation in any one of the architectural disciplines.  The programme emphasises on:


  1.  A strong multidisciplinary foundation in Planning, Architecture, Building Technology and Management.

  2. The  approach of solving design problems which are sensitive to the environment.

  3. Design based on concepts, philosophy and research in appropriate technology.

  4. Theoretical learning and practical application in developing skill and  creativity in design.

  5. Malaysian historical perspective and culture.



RAS    403/8        -    Architectural Studio 5

RAS    404/8        -    Architectural Studio 6

RAK    442/3        -    History & Theory of Architecture 2

RAS    503/12      -    Architectural Studio 7

RAS    504/12      -    Architectural Studio 8

RAK    552/3        -    Architectural Professional Practice

RAG    562/3        -    Building Technology

RUL    574/6        -    Dissertation


RPK    332/3 - Urban Design

REG    361/3 - Construction Methods

RHS    505/3 - Housing Laws

RPK    535/3 - Town & Country Planning

RMT   554/3 - Development Management and Design Economics

REG    562/3 - Building Services Technology



RAG   232/3 - Architectural Working Drawing & Documentation

RAG   265/3 - Building Construction 2

RAG   322/3 - Environmental Science 2

RPK    332/3 - Urban Design


    RAS 403 – Architectural Studio 5

Knowledge and design of multi-storey building with its various services together with aspects of structural systems analysis, facilities and services, environmental requirements in relation to its urban context.


RAS 404 - Architectural Studio 6


Study of architectural design pertaining to urban design as a whole             through   research and projects.  To expose student on the understanding of     a comprehensive planning concepts for special or specific areas.  

RAK 442   – History & Theory of Architecture 2

Exposure to modern architectural movements and history of western and eastern architecture covering approaches and discussions on concept of space, time, scale and symbolism.


RAS 503/504 – Architectural Studio 7/8

Students are assumed to have reasonable  basic skills in design process and techniques.  They are required to choose a project of their interest in the following disciplines:


Health, Transport, Community and Cultural Development, Commercial, Residential and Educational Institutions. The product must be in accordance with professional standards, complete with report describing conceptual detail plans, contract documentation and construction  methods.


RAK 552 – Architectural Professional Practice  

Aspects of architectural professionalism, Architects’ Act 1967, PAM & LAM Registration,  responsibilities and professional ethics towards the public, work scope and professional fees, appointment and relationship with clients, consultants and contractor. Stage and tender procedures, project control (on site).


RAK 562 – Building Technology

Detailed drawings on superstructure using cables, pneumatic types and 3 dimensional structure. Integration between structure and building services such as fire fighting, lift and escalator, water, electricity, air-conditioning, computer, etc. Structural steel frame buildings and new discoveries in  the design of hi-tech buildings.


RUL 574 – Research Project

The students are guided to carry out a systematic and detailed research on any chosen topic of interest for new ideas. The chosen topic has to relate to any aspect of architecture in Malaysia.


RPK 332 – Urban Design

Development of urban form. Definition of basic concept of urban form, combination of theory and practice, utopian concepts and reality: history of the development of urban form, photography period until the movement of the garden city.


REG 361 – Construction Methods

Procedures, machinery, organisation on various aspects of earthwork including soil stabilization, stages, excavation, cut and fill, road laying and pedestrian corridor, drainage and embankment, substructure work, design, piling, foundation design and preparation of concrete mix, fixing and dismantling of formwork, structural support and underpinning, drying movement.


RHS 505 – Housing Laws

Malaysian Legal System is introduced during the initial stages, followed by exposure on laws relating to housing, from supply and delivery stages to marketing. 


RPK 535 – Urban and Regional Planning

The  course  introduces the concepts of urban and regional planning; basic economic theory  for  regional  settlement  and  the characteristic of rural community; theory  of hierarchy of settlement, rural resources exploitation pertaining to marketing and transport facilities; communication concepts between  states for balance in national development.


RMT 554    Development Management and Design Economics  

Project cycle, identification of projects and resources, project selection planning and techniques, budget systems, tendering policies, project control and monitoring. Property development process, development evaluation, planning policies, financial evaluation.  Design economics, cost control process, techniques and approaches, preliminary cost advice, cost-in-use analysis, life-cycle costing and cost.


REG 562     Building Services Technology

Multi-aspects of building science and services, building engineering such  as electrical system, air-conditioning system, fire fighting system, energy management system, thermal comfort, passive solar energy system and various aspects of design and analysis of energy using computer software.





Candidates must hold an outstanding first degree in any of the following:


  1. BSc (Hons) Architecture with a minimum of 24 weeks (6 months) continous practical training in the related field.

  2. An equivalent degree from other institutions of higher learning which is approved by the Universiti Senate with a minimum of 24 weeks (6 month) continuous practical training in the related field.z


Interested candidates should obtain the application form from:

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