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Syed Alatas Mansion

128, Armenian Street, 10200 Penang,
Tel: 04-2616606, Fax: 04-2616605

Description of logo
Restoration of the Syed Alatas Mansion
Role of the centreFunctions of the centreProtem Committee

Location Plan

Location Plan The Heritage Centre, Penang is housed within the elegant Syed Alatas Mansion at 128, Armenian Street, the site of a successfully completed pilot restoration project for the conservation and rehabilitation of Penang's historic Acheen Street - Armenian Street cultural heritage enclave.

Two of Penang's most important monuments, the Khoo Kongsi and the Acheen Street Mosque, as well as numerous attractive historical sites are located in this area.

The role of Heritage Centre

To inculcate pride in our Heritage
To motivate preservation of our Heritage (particularly in the built-enviroment)
To provide information and advice on the correct approach to conservation

Functions of the Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre is to be managed as a facility for the public as such to:

provide a conductive environment for public awareness in heritage conservation
provide reference materials, publications on conservation works, designs, video recordings etc in the resource library
organize talks, seminars on heritage conservation and other activities
provide advice and encouragement to property owners
publish information materials, newsletters etc to publicise activities of the Centre
display, as permanent exhibition, and special exhibitions materials of relevence and of public interest
provide refreshment facilities to course participants and visitors to the Centre
all other activities as decided by the Management Committee to enhance the role of the Heritage Centre


Protem Committee

YB Pegawai Kewangan Negeri
Pejabat Kewangan Negeri
Paras 23, KOMTAR
10000 Penang
(Ref: Mdm Supiah bt. Md Yusof)

Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang
Paras 17, KOMTAR
10000 Penang
(Ref: Mr. Khoo Boo Soon)

Penasihat Undang-undang Negeri
Tingkat 3, Bangunan Bank Negara
10200 Penang
(Ref: Mr. Mohd. Ruzima b. Ghazali)

Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai
Jalan Datuk Hj. Ahmad Said
12000 Butterworth
(Ref: Mr. Mohd. Rizal Abdul)

Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri
Paras 25, KOMTAR
10000 Penang
(Ref: Mr. Alias bin Simin)
Unit Perancang Bandar dan Desa
Paras 19, KOMTAR
1000 Penang
Penang Heritage Trust
11 Free School Road
11600 Penang
(Ref: Mr. Tan Teong Kooi)

Mr. Gan Teik Chee
c/o Gan Teik Chee & Ho
6.01 6th Floor, Bangunan
Maybank Trust
3 Penang Street
10200 Penang

Mr. Ahmad Chik
Bukit Pinang
Penang Hill
11300 Penang

Dr. Khoo Joo Ee
Muzium Seni Asia
Universiti Malaya
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Dr. A.Ghafar Ahmad
School of Housing, Building & Planning
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 Minden
Mr. Laurence Loh
Laurence Architect
15 China Street Ghaut
10300 Penang
Mr. Ong Jin Cheng
Laurence Loh Architect
15 China Street Ghaut
10300 Penang
Mdm Khoo Salma
Janus Print & Resources
120 Lebuh Armenian
10200 Penang
Mr. Chen Voon Se
Majlis Warisan Malaysia
PAM Building Centre
4 Jalan Tangsi 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Description of Logo

logo of heritage return

The design of the logo is based on the concept of a fanlight. The fanlight is an element commonly found above windows or doors of many heritage buildings in Malaysia such as mosques, suraus, shophouses, terrace houses and mansions. It serves two purposes. Firstly, as a decorative element that displays intricate carvings in the shapes of both flowers and geometrical designs. Secondly, it also acts as part of a wall panel which allows not only cross ventilation but also maximum illumination in the buildings.

The logo which displays a decorative fanlight reflects our invaluable cultural heritage that needs to be preserved and conserved for posterity. This indicates the main objective of the Penang Heritage Resource Centre which strives to promote an informed awareness of cultural and architectural heritage; as well as to encourage research, education and craftsmanship. The voids in the logo (which appear in dark brown) can be interprated as a two-way channel facilitating the interchange of knowledge and information on our cultural heritage.

The logo was designed by Dr. A.Ghafar Ahmad
School of Housing, Building and Planning,

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